Why Myristol?

Experience: Our founder has over 44 years of equine veterinary experience.
Involvement: Myristol has participated in multiple elite equine performance events.
Ingredients: We’ve chosen unique, powerful ingredients that we believe provide the fastest relief, and the greatest support for long-term joint health.

Myristol Ingredients:

CETYL MYRISTOLEATE: A unique Omega-5 fatty acid that addresses soft tissue inflammation

GLUCOSAMINE: A cartilage glycosaminoglycan precursor that supports the formation of cartilage and can have anti-inflammatory properties

MSM: A sulfur-based building block that supports cartilage formation and can help relieve muscle pain

HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN: An amino acid blend, unique to Myristol, that acts as a building block for articular cartilage health

Myristol PRO Ingredients:

MYRISTOL PRO contains all of the ingredients that are found in MYRISTOL, plus 1,000 MG more CETYL MYRISTOLEATE per serving to meet the rigorous demands of upper level performance

Plus, PROMUTASE 200 as an added antioxidant enzyme blend clinically proven to maintain significantly lower levels of muscle enzymes after exercise