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About Myristol Performance Products

Myristol Canada has supplied top quality joint supplements for horses and other competitive animals since 2003.

Myristol is effective in helping animals already affected with joint disease as well as a preventive supplement for young active athletes. We carry products for Horses, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Humans.

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  • Myristol Canine


    Myristol canine supplements have been specially formulated as an effective broad-spectrum supplement to support your dog’s joint health and while it can help restore movement and flexibility. It can also play an important prophylactic role in preventing further joint deterioration. A program of diet and exercise and a high-quality supplement such as Myristol can help keep joint deterioration at bay, especially in larger breeds prone to arthritis such as German Shepherds, Golden and Labrador Retrievers, Mastiffs and Great Danes.


    120 tabs: $46
    240 tabs: $89
    240 tabs: $149

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  • Myristol Equine

    Myristol joint and health supplements for horses can help bring back freedom of movement and an improved quality of life. Whether your horse is an equine athlete, subjected to intense pressure on the joints during competition, or a beloved companion, consider prophylactic use of Myristol to provide extra care and support for the entire equine joint structure.

    5lb Pail (30 day supply) : $112
    11lb Pail (66 day supply) : $212
    24lb Pail (144 day supply) : $396
    24lb Bag (144 day supply) : $386

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  • Myristol Feline


    Myristol feline joint and health supplement provides a broad spectrum approach to joint health, which means it combines all of the most effective ingredients into a palatable powder you can give your cat every day. As cats get older, they are prone to problems of the joints that may affect their quality of life. Leaps that were once effortless become impossible, and even climbing stairs becomes an obvious chore. For heavy or overweight cats, Myristol can have a prophylactic effect, protecting cats’ joints as they age.


    49.9 grams

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  • Myristol for Rabbits


    Myristols’ joint and health supplements for rabbits are proven to be beneficial in helping improve comfort and mobility in affected rabbits, and they love the alfalfa pellet formulation. Like many other species, rabbits also develop joint related issues. Signs of discomfort include stiffness and decreased activity, and in some cases a decrease in appetite.

    227 grams

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  • Myristol Motion Plus


    Poor joint health is NOT just associated with old age. Myristocol PLUS supplements for humans combines four major active ingredients, and is specially formulated to support joint health, in athletes as well as those involved in less rigorous activities.

    300 caps

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  • Myristol PRO Equine


    Myristol PRO  joint and health supplements for horses contain Promutase 200. Promutase 200 is a blend of the antioxidants superoxide dismutase and catalase. Promutase 200 was added to Myristol to create a product that could both help horses that tend to get muscle sore, or be prone to myositis episodes. It was also added to aid in post-exertion recovery. Myristol PRO also contains the same joint health ingredients as Myristol, but cetyl myristoleate levels have been increased from 5000 mg to 6000 mg per serving in Myristol PRO. This makes Myristol PRO the leading equine joint health supplement available regarding levels of cetyl myristoleate.


    11lb Pail (66 day supply) : $244
    24lb Pail (144 day supply) : $419
    24lb Bag (144 day supply) : $409


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