Based on scientific studies and clinical experience, we at Myristol have developed unique and powerful products specially blended to support joint and muscle health. Myristol joint and health supplements are ideal for horses who perform at the highest levels, companion animals like dogs, cats and rabbits, and even humans. The benefits of Myristol don’t stop there. Our joint and health supplements are also ideal for older horses or pets already experiencing energy loss.



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Myristol Canada has supplied top quality joint supplements for horses and other competitive animals since 2003.

Myristol is effective in helping animals already affected with joint disease as well as a preventive supplement for young active athletes. We carry products for Horses, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Humans.

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I have been using Myristol Pro on my show horses since early 2019, and have felt the results through their mobility and willingness to train. Myristol Pro is a product I believe is well worth the investment towards joint support, … Read More

John Murphy, Murphy Performance Horses

I am awaiting the pictures from the Northern Alberta Reined Cowhorse Club’s year end Extreme where she was second high score herd, and tied high score rein and fence(against the open riders, and most of whom also entered and/or won … Read More

Jessica Cline

Nora our sweet pooch, has struggled all her life with hip dysplasia from the age of 2 years old. After hip surgery to relive the pain from her hips, she has always lived with mobility issues. She struggles with medication … Read More

C Desjarlais

I heard about Myristol through a friend of mine who is an amazing vet. Tobi was showing signs of hip dysplasia before she was a year old. I reached out to my friend asking her about glucosamine for dogs and … Read More

B. Hinch