Q: How do I know Myristol contains what is stated on the label?

A: Fortunately many companies are reputable, and Myristol is manufactured by a company that is an audited member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). The ingredients used are of the highest quality available, and manufacturing is completed following the principles of good manufacturing practices. A series of checks and balances, combined with stringent record keeping, ensures that the correct amounts of each ingredient are added and recorded for each batch of product.

Q: Are there animal products in Myristol?

A: Yes. The cetyl myristoleate (CM) in Myristol derives from beef tallow. This tallow source of CM provides 40% active ingredients vs. the 15% active ingredients for plant source CM. This allows Myristol to contain a much higher level of active CM ingredients per unit of raw material than can be derived from plant source products. The hydrolyzed collagen in Myristol is derived from porcine skin, which is also used in many human foodstuffs and joint health products.

Q: Does pelleting the equine product damage the ingredients in any way?

A: No. Despite what some other companies have suggested regarding heat damage with pelleting, all of the ingredients in Myristol are known to be heat stable at temperatures much higher than those used in the pelleting process.

Q: Can I buy Myristol at my local feed or pet store?

A: No. Myristol is available only through myristol.com or through a veterinarian.

Q: Is there a problem with pregnancy or with fertility?

A: There are no known problems with either pregnancy or with fertility.

Q: When should I expect to see results?

A: As with many supplements and medications, individual variation exists. Most animals show positive results within three weeks, and many (particularly older dogs and horses) will show improvement within a single week. If no positive results have been seen within 6-8 weeks, Myristol is unlikely to be effective over a longer administration period.

Q: Do I need to use a loading dose?

A: With severe joint health challenges, a loading dose may be required for a two-week period. However the concentration of ingredients in Myristol is such that for most animals, a loading dose will not be required.

Q: Can I use Myristol with other supplements or pharmaceuticals?

A: There are no known negative drug-drug interactions to this product at this time. However, if Myristol is effective in your animal, you may find that other supplements or pharmaceuticals are unnecessary. It is certainly unnecessary to give additional glucosamine or MSM to animals on Myristol. Also, some dogs currently receiving Rimadyl may be able to have the dosage reduced, or administration eliminated, if they respond favorably to Myristol.

Q: Is Myristol safe?

A: At this time, there are no known toxicities to this product. In some dogs, glucosamine administration has been associated with gastrointestinal upset, which resolves with discontinuation of feeding glucosamine. Glucosamine has also been associated with increased thirst and urination in some dogs, which also disappears with discontinuation of intake. Myristol is not intended and may not be safe for use in ruminant animals.

Q: What kinds of cases benefit most from Myristol?

A: Myristol is effective in helping animals already affected with joint disease. However, it also plays a major role when given to young, active athletes as a preventive supplement. Given as a preventive supplement, it may mitigate numerous joint health challenges faced by animal athletes.