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Myristol Canada has supplied top quality joint supplements for horses and other competitive animals since 2003.

Myristol is effective in helping animals already affected with joint disease as well as a preventive supplement for young active athletes. We carry products for Horses, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Humans.

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About the Company

Dr. Gayle W. Trotter founded Myristol Enterprises, LLC in 2003, recognizing a need for top quality joint supplements for horses and other competitive animals. Dr. Trotter is an internationally recognized equine surgeon and researcher with a clinical background focused on equine lameness, surgery, and joint issues. In addition to serving on the faculties at both Michigan State University and Colorado State University, Dr. Trotter was co-editor of the initial preeminent text in the field, “Joint Disease in the Horse.” Coupling this history with Dr. Trotter’s extensive experience as a competitive rider, it’s easy to see how Myristol products are formulated to be the most powerful and effective joint health and wellness supplements available.

Our Mission

The mission of Myristol Enterprises, LLC is to use scientific innovation to enhance the quality of life for animals and those that care about them through improved joint health and function. With a dedicated following of veterinarians, competitive riders, trainers, and everyday users, Myristol joint and health supplements are recognized around the world as superior products for the treatment and prevention of joint injury or disease.