C Desjarlais

Nora our sweet pooch, has struggled all her life with hip dysplasia from the age of 2 years old. After hip surgery to relive the pain from her hips, she has always lived with mobility issues. She struggles with medication for ongoing seizures which have also weakened her hind end, adding to the ongoing issues. She was also recently diagnosed with neuromuscular disease. We have always taken her to a rehab and pain management Doctor, using many different supplements and medications to aide in her struggles with pain and mobility.

At one visit, our Doctor recommended we try Myristol to see if it could be of benefit to our sweet girl. After trying it for 1 month Nora went from a slow tedious walk, to a “run” down our driveway. She, at the age of 12 1/2 has moments when she plays like a puppy again.

I would definitely recommend using Myristol, as the results for our girl have been beyond what could have been expected!

Nora Before


Nora After