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  • Myristol Canine


    Myristol canine supplements have been specially formulated as an effective broad-spectrum supplement to support your dog’s joint health and while it can help restore movement and flexibility. It can also play an important prophylactic role in preventing further joint deterioration. A program of diet and exercise and a high-quality supplement such as Myristol can help keep joint deterioration at bay, especially in larger breeds prone to arthritis such as German Shepherds, Golden and Labrador Retrievers, Mastiffs and Great Danes.

  • Myristol Feline


    Myristol feline joint and health supplement provides a broad spectrum approach to joint health, which means it combines all of the most effective ingredients into a palatable powder you can give your cat every day. As cats get older, they are prone to problems of the joints that may affect their quality of life. Leaps that were once effortless become impossible, and even climbing stairs becomes an obvious chore. For heavy or overweight cats, Myristol can have a prophylactic effect, protecting cats’ joints as they age.


    49.9 grams

  • Myristol for Rabbits


    Myristols’ joint and health supplements for rabbits are proven to be beneficial in helping improve comfort and mobility in affected rabbits, and they love the alfalfa pellet formulation. Like many other species, rabbits also develop joint related issues. Signs of discomfort include stiffness and decreased activity, and in some cases a decrease in appetite.

    227 grams

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    MyristolMAX Soft Chews

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    60 count Myristol Max Soft Chews

    Time is ‘running out’ on our 60 count Myristol Max Soft Chews. The ‘best purchased by’ dating on these chews is 05/2020, and we will not be offering this product again in the future. The chews are certainly safe after this 05/2020 time period, and the ingredients are also quite stable. If you have further questions they can be addressed by contacting us at

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